Dry Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet is an integral part of your interior and life. And as such it is recommended that it should be cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year. If you are looking for a method which:

  • is suitable for delicate carpet fiber or made from natural material
  • leaves your carpet ready to use immediately
  • cleans deeply and efficiently

Then 777CLEAN cleaning team will be happy to help you with dry cleaning of your carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning is ideal for delicate carpets. By choosing it you don’t have to worry about shrinkage or water marks. As a matter of a fact you will have it perfectly clean and vivid like a brand new.

Dry carpet cleaning will be the optimal option for you if you need to step on your carpet immediately as the low moisture cleaning technology just leaves your carper dry and clean.

Dry Carpet Encapsulation that we use effectively removes dust, dirt, dander and hair as well as dust mites. It is effective and safe cleaning method that will bring your carpet back to life.

Besides you will also get rid of any pet odor and your carpet will be fresh again.

There is no better dry carpet cleaning provider in Chicago than 777CLEAN team – call us now and we will be happy to give you a free quote and assist you with any questions you have.

Our team of professionals will handle with great care any specific concern you have and we guarantee we will find the best approach based on your individual needs.

If you need a solution that is eco friendly and at the same time water and energy saving , 777CLEAN cleaning is the most trusted provider who will provide you with brilliant service on affordable price. There are no additional or hidden costs. What you see and what we discuss over the phone is what you get. If there is anything which does not match what we described on our web site or on the call, we guarantee a full refund.

Call us today to get your quote .

Cases you should chose Dry instead of HWE™ (Steam Cleaning)

SUITABILITY. Natural fibers like seagrass, jute or sisal could easily be ruined by the conventional steam cleaning. Thus, professional dry encapsulation is a must in those cases.

DRIER. The Dry cleaning process uses 85% less water than steam cleaning, so carpets dry within 30 minutes.

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