Water Damage

There is water on my carpet.

Water and carpet do not make a good pair. Most carpet will not take kindly to being exposed to water and due to it’s tightly woven structure will take an exceptionally long time to dry. Carpets that remain wet for too long will enable foreign bodies and pollutants to be trapped into its weave, damaging it’s long term durability. If you have had a flood or spill on your carpet and live in the Greater Chicago area, there is no need to despair. The helpful staff at 777CLEAN’s Carpet repair services will assist you to:


  • Take the best first steps to prevent further carpet damage
  • Get an over the phone quote on our water damage carpet services
  • Book your emergency water damage service ASAP

How can I prevent water from damaging my carpet?

The only way to do this is to not let it get wet. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot prevent this from happening, whether by a flood caused by a storm or an overfilled bath or laundry, carpets can sometimes be subjected to a great deal of water. The key to minimising the damage to your carpet and therefore added costs is to act quickly. 777CLEAN’s has a 24/7 customer service line to assist you in any emergency and will:

  • Get started on your water damage control straight away.
  • Remove water from carpet with our high tech equipment
  • Chemically treat carpet with safe, biodegradable products to prevent mould growth
  • Lift and fan dry carpets to ensure 100% effective drying

Can old water damage be treated on carpet?

Indeed it can, moulds and stains can be effectively treated using our deep cleaning and stain removal treatments. In Chicago, 777CLEAN’s is the go-to for bringing your water damaged carpet back to life.

  • Superior drying techniques
  • Child and pet safe chemicals
  • Professionally trained technicians
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